Auger Hoppers

Auger Hopper

Auger Hopper
Auger HopperSuitable for both indoors and out, the Auger Hopper Filler range can be used across all farming environments to solve trough & feed bin filling requirements. They cater for most flowable feed materials such as cobs, pencils, creep, meal and home mixes.

As with all Peter Allen equipment, every machine can be tailored to precisely meet your requirements.

The Auger Hopper Fillers range in size from 0.5 tons to 8 ton which can be designed to be towed by 4 x 4 vehicles, by tractors or by quads. In addition, a variety of options are available including; different tyre types & sizes, petrol or diesel engines & our own light assemblies specifically for road use.

Click to view larger imageA wide variety of constructions are available for example, a Swivel Auger which can be added to the standard machine to create further reach and height whilst delivering the feed and can be clipped back whilst travelling. For those hard-to-reach bulk bins that are too low to get a machine under, we have created the Lift Auger running from the same engine as the Auger Hopper Filler making the filling of your bins a piece of cake.

The Auger Hopper Filler can also be adapted into a Combo feeder by combining the Auger Hopper Filler with either the Field Dispenser unit and/or the Pile Dropper unit (see our Combo Feeders).

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