Combo Feeders

Combo Feeder

Combo Feeder
The Peter Allen Combo Feeders are the ultimate animal feed dispensing machines.

Whilst the Auger Hopper Filler, the Field Dispenser and the Pile Dropper are all ideal tools in their own right for specific requirements, the Combo Feeder combines the features of each to make either a two-in-one or three-in-one feeder that can be adapted specifically to suit all your feeding requirements.

Combo FeederAll of the units on any of the Combo Feeders are capable of dispensing most flowable materials such as cobs, pencils, creep, meal & home mixes and with the sizes of the feeder starting at 0.5 ton going up to 4 ton, the Combo Feeder range is a valuable asset to all farming environments.

As with all of our mobile feeder ranges, the Combo Feeder is available with various options. These include different types & sizes of wheels, petrol & diesel engines as well as our own light assemblies.

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