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Creep and Nut Feeder

Combo Feeder
The Peter Allen Creep & Nut Feeder range provides a perfect solution to easy feeding and minimised wastage problems

The Creep & Nut Feeder can hold up to 900 kilos of feed and will dispense most flowable feed materials such as cobs, pencils, creep, meal & home mixes. It is covered by one of our waterproof sheets to help prevent feed going off and to stop vermin attacks.

The Mark1 Creep & Nut Feeder has two triangular troughs while the Mark2 has two rectangular troughs with lids, as well as hooks to keep the lid up depending on how you wish to use the feeder. Each allow space for several pigs or sheep to feed at any one time.

Creep and Nut FeederThe easily adjustable and independent slide plates allow only a small amount of feed into the trough at any time keeping wastage to an all time low. Animals simply nudge a pin with their noses to allow the feed to drop. This has proved to combat boredom and consequently bullying, maintaining a consistently healthy herd of animals.

At 2 metres high and only 1.2metres wide and deep at the widest point, the Creep & Nut Feeder is small enough to be placed indoors or outdoors making it suitable for any farm environment.

The perfect partner for the Creep & Nut Feeder is our Auger Hopper Filler taking all the hard work and stress away from filling feeding troughs & bulk bins.

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