Horse Feeders

Horse Feeder
Horse feedersThe range of Peter Allen Electronic Horse Feeders enable your horses to be automatically fed measured amounts of feed at precisely the time you require. The range consists of three model types; "Trickle Feeder", "Dump Feeder" and "Horse Mix Feeder". Trickle and Dump feeders models can dispense mix, nuts, chaff , sliced carrots and apples etc while the Horse Mix Feeder only takes nuts or mix.

Relax in bed in the sure knowledge that your horses are being fed at the time selected, making for happy hackers, private and competition riders and horses alike.

Key Features:

Precisely measured amounts of feed dispensed
Timer to select time/s of feed drop
Easy to use and maintain
All of the units run by a 12 volt battery or mains to 12 volt transformer
All models offer total flexibility as to where they can be mounted
Made from quality steel and Hot Dip Galvanized to ensure a long life
Optional galvanized feeding troughs to accompany the feeders

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