Pile droppers

Pile Droppers
Pile Droppers
Pile DroppersThe Peter Allen Pile Dropper is the essential tool for dispensing feed into regular piles or lines designed for outdoor use to deliver feed to sheep, cattle and poultry.

Ranging from 0.5 to 4 ton it is suitable for most farm environments, the Pile Dropper dispenses most flowable feed materials such as cobs, pencils, creep, meal and home mixes in piles from 0.5 kilo to 15 kilos. These can be calibrated to suit your requirements.

Accurate adjustment of the distance between the piles is achieved via a switch on the electronic control box and the size of the piles is altered by an adjustment lever on the side of the unit. This allows you to switch between different herds in a smooth, fast and efficient way.

The Pile Dropper is often used in the Combo Feeder, which is proving very popular, providing multiple ways in which to dispense feed to the animals (see Combo Feeders).

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